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City Gate McCallum Road

Seacliff Properties (Langford) Ltd c/o Keycorp Developments Ltd has awarded Hazelwood Construction Services Inc. with a contract for the City Gate McCallum Road Works Project.

Award Date: 12/09/2019
Start Date: January 2020
Estimated Completion Date: November 2020

The scope of work is widening McCallum Road to the north and installing two new signalized intersections at the entrances to Costco. Elements of this include:

• Clearing and stripping
• Rock blasting and removal
• Common excavation
• Installation of utilities (water, sanitary sewer and storm drain, including manholes,
headwalls and catch basins)
• Construction of retaining walls (pre-shear Wall, cast in place wall, lower gravity
wall, rock mortar wall, concrete infill wall)
• Asphalt paving
• Curb and gutter, concrete islands, sidewalks and handrails
• Pavement marking and signage
• Landscaping (tree and artificial turf) and irrigation installation
• Streetlight bases, signal bases, conduit and lane lights
• Coordination with utilities (BC Hydro, Fortis, Telus, and Shaw)