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We are a versatile construction company providing a range of heavy civil contracting services. Hazelwood combines its in-house management expertise and civil construction capabilities with long-standing subcontractor relationships to deliver a wide array of complex projects. Our project scope includes LNG storage tank foundations to ageing penstock rehabilitation projects to complete run-of-river hydroelectric plant installations.


We have developed an exceptional construction management team and turned it into one of our core competencies, through the increased size and complexity of construction projects we have completed in recent years. We have realised the benefits of reduced cost and higher quality through effective construction management on our projects, and now offer our expertise in this area separate from our construction program.


Our highly-trained and experienced team of construction management professionals, superintendents, and foremen are well-suited for working with engineering firms. We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver value to our clients through optimised design; saving time and reducing costs through innovative solutions.


We started out as an excavation contracting company more than 20 years ago and it remains the backbone of many of our construction services. Whether we’re re-shaping the land for various infrastructure or industrial projects, building access roads and excavating trenches for penstocks in the mountains, or performing deep utility installations, earth moving is a key component of the work we do.


We have experience building a wide range of roads, from resource roads, to greenfield subdivisions and arterial upgrades for municipalities, to provincial highways. Our team has the knowledge and versatility to construct any size and standard of road or highway.


We have constructed bridges for municipalities, private industry, as well as the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. You can rely on our proven track record of bridge installations.


Our first run-of-river project was completed in 2005, since then we have built a number of hydroelectric projects developing deep expertise installing small and large diameter penstocks throughout a variety of terrain in British Columbia. We are often the general civil contractor for run-of-river projects and have also constructed intake structures and powerhouses for hydroelectric projects.


Instream work is a major part on most of our projects. We have the right equipment and people for sensitive environmental work. We always work closely with project stakeholders and environmental monitors, particularly before and during instream work.


Many of our projects involve riparian and habitat restoration elements. A large part of our successful experience with run-of-river hydroelectric projects, a variety of environmentally sensitive municipal and First Nation projects, and bridge installations is our ability to work carefully within riparian areas and restore habitats.


The historical backbone of Hazelwood Construction is municipal infrastructure. In the early days this was where we first ventured into deep excavations, learned about complex piping systems and meeting the high standards of municipalities and their residents. Municipal infrastructure projects of all kinds, from brownfield urban development projects, to major road, water and sewer upgrades are a staple of Hazelwood Construction.


Greenfield subdivision developments are complimentary to the challenging brownfield municipal infrastructure projects that we are known for. We have completed projects for various land developers, including our own land development division.


Municipalities and First Nation communities everywhere are dealing with ageing infrastructure that needs to be replaced. We are well adept at working on brownfield sites and managing the installation of new infrastructure while ensuring the existing utilities stay in operation. We have completed a large number of watermains, sanitary and storm sewers, forcemains, pump and lift stations, and other municipal infrastructure upgrade projects for municipalities and First Nation communities.

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