Hazelwood Construction is proud of our safety record. We work closely with our Project Managers and Field Supervisors to plan the safest approach to each project, and to ensure Safety Practices and Procedures are consistent. To achieve our goal of zero accidents everyone must do their part to create a safe workplace. With training as a priority, our people are working safely, being cautious and keeping risks low.

Hazelwood is also proactive in monitoring all sub-trades at construction sites. A high degree of vigilance is required to meet the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Hazelwood Construction takes this responsibility very seriously.


Hazelwood Construction is proud to be recognized by the BCCSA for developing and implementing health, safety and injury management systems that meet an industry standard. Hazelwood Construction is committed to workplace safety by reducing the human and financial costs of workplace injuries.



Our commitment to the Environment is also unwavering. It is our intent to constantly manage and improve our environmental performance, minimizing any impact on our surroundings. We achieve this by:

  • Creating detailed Environmental Management Plans and ensuring that they are properly implemented onsite.
    Working closely with Environmental Consultants who monitor our projects and proactively collaborating as a team to develop creative solutions to environmental concerns.
  • Taking into consideration the concerns of residents and environmentalists in areas where we work.
    Promoting a general culture of environmental awareness from the corporate office to remote project sites.