Cranbrook Influent Trunk Main

Cranbrook Influent Trunk Main

The City of Cranbrook BC has awarded Hazelwood Construction Services Inc. with the contract for the Cranbrook Influent Trunk Main.

Start Date: June 2021
Estimated Completion Date: October 2021
Project Engineer: ISL Engineering

The work involves “2.5km of Sanitary Trunk Main installation including approximately the following:

· 640m of 900mm diameter
· 1235m of 750mm diameter
· 140m of 675mm diameter
· 300m of 600mm diameter
· 100m of 525mm diameter
· 30m of varying smaller size pipe to complete tie-ins and service connection

The project also includes approximately a 900mm diameter sanitary main crossing Joseph Creek, two BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Highway #3 crossings and multiple tie ins to existing sanitary infrastructure including the City sewage lagoons. Project segments are located along Victoria Avenue, Theatre Road, Ridgeview Road, 22nd Street N. and existing ROW between 22nd Street N. and the sewage lagoons in Cranbrook BC.”