Sakwi Creek Hydro Project


This project is located entirely within the Sakwi Creek watershed approximately 15 km northwest of Agassiz, BC at Harrison Mills.


Run of River Hydroelectric Project – a 5.5 Megawatt (MW) run-of-river hydroelectric project on Sakwi Creek, near Agassiz, British Columbia. The Project is intended to meet “green power” requirements, as independently certified pursuant to Environment Canada’s Environmental Choice Program.


October 2014


    • A portion of the stream flow in Sakwi Creek will be diverted at the main headworks and conveyed via the penstock to the powerhouse, and then returned to Sakwi Creek immediately downstream via the tailrace. A portion of the stream flow in a significant unnamed tributary of Sakwi Creek (hereafter referred to as “Tributary A”) will also be diverted to the main headworks to contribute to power production.

To this end, HCSI scope consists of:

  • Land clearing and site preparation / Access Roads constructed / Headworks – Main Intake (intake structure, weir and headpond) / Headworks – Tributary Intake (weir, debris screen and isolation gate) / Main Penstock (5.5km long combination of low pressure HDPE pipe and high pressure steel pipe / Tributary Penstock (900m long low pressure HDPE pipe) leading from the tributary intake on Keenan Creek to the main headworks on Sakwi Creek) / Powerhouse (planned to contain a Pelton turbine, generator, controls and associated equipment) and Tailrace (allowing the water to flow back into Sakwi Creek) / Clearing for a 2km long, 25Kv transmission line / Final site remediation.